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LOL Steve!

I am serious. I am gonna try and put together a deal. Buy an old tanker or ferry (ship) and convert it to a floating apartment/condo building. (for retired/retiring/ some day hoping to retire MBers, lol) NY harbor in the summer. Miami in the winter. Is weird enough to be feasible. Will start a thread. Sorry for rambling all over your's Comrade.

Would take yrs to put this together but how cool would this be?!

...and once again, I just had to take a simple thing and turn it into crazy grandiose-nes.

5:10 here, beer run! yahaaaa! (I love beer. Every thing about beer. The smell, the taste of beer. The word beer... snork) and how it improves my limited social skills.

In the great words of Homer Simpson; "emmmm, beeer"

It's great to be on a ship with beer
And sail across the sea-o
We don't know where we'll land or when
But it's great to be with beer
'Cause beer can sweat and beer can stink
And no one seems to care-o
We'll throw the dishes in the sink
And clog the sink with hair-o

Beer, beer, beer it's a ship filled with beer
So batten down the ladies room,
There's no one here but beer
There's beer above, there's beer below
There's beer down in the galley
there's Bud and MHG and Hiniken and Schafer
And one beer we call Sally

Beer, beer, beer it's ship all filled with beer
You'll never have to lift the seat
There's no one here but beer

(I stole that from the "men" song)
worst apocalypse ever
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