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Awesome Steve. TY. I just googled it and found some cool stuff; Human Powered Boats

Shuttle-Bike - convert a bike to a pedal-power boat

this one is a PDF so would take a long time to open for DU users, Haven't found your link or one like it yet, but that is great! If you could live on a house boat powered by a motorized bicycle that is also your land trans! Just too cool. (I have to remember that phrase "land trans" lol)

I am so amazed at how cleaver Folks are and that we live in a time when we can post or send a link to some really far out, ingenious thought in a nano second.

Great thread Comrade, and cool thought!

Just called the Wife, super hero and best bud all excited to tell her I am gonna add a sail to the floating/flying MB. LOL, you would think any normal person would answer with shocked silence.

But Nope, she said "that sounds cool" Mother of Good, I is a lucky dawg (and it is payday Friday! Yay, I get to have beer tonight and sleep in tomorrow!)(( but will prolly be up early and hung over drawing flying/floting/sailing motorized bicycle diagrams. LOL))
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