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Originally Posted by hiker472 View Post
I would think you could have a sail of some kind attached to a pole and mounted to a float for use if the motor quit. Put that ole sail up, have the seat on a swivel so you can spin around, and whip out your telescopic fishing pole and do some trolling all the way to land.

Now of course if there's no wind, well...........................carry a harpoon so you can catch a passing boat??

Cool Thought H! Ever see the sail powered wagons? Would be awesome!!!

LOL, we could build the worlds first floating/flying/auxiliary sail powered MB. "Our mission, if we choose to accept it... This tape will self destruct in 5 seconds"

Man! you guys gotta stop helping me spend ridiculous amounts of money on insane projects. (Kidding. Keep the crazy coming)

Hiker, side note and personal ty. When I mean to compliment or thank some one, I post your flag smilie as in "Salute". Posted it above with out realizing you made em for us. Just kinda cool Buddy.
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