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Default Re: which frame would be an ideal?

monarch looked much heavy duty looks compared to bent or straight springer with one spring,... I enjoy bent springer look but weak looks but would it bend it even more if I go fast on the road such as 35 to 45 mph? So far I seen are monarch and one spring springer that is all no else,... what about ginder? what about leaf forks? like this

Kiwi leaf spring, springer, Indian. Harley forks : eBay Motors (item 280198570698 end time Feb-24-10 15:52:27 PST)

Have been to Venice Motor Bikes, It is fun to look at but none of them are my type.

I like monarch so far,... I might go to fix the bottom bracket that I can get the front wheel little forward. Do you think it will working? I got to copy current monarch's forks then make another one that it will be working well? Thanks for keep talk with me about the types of forks. I enjoy get your message. I like your mind works. Your keep open minded about anything on motorized bicycle. I still dig for the forks. Hoped find one. Thanks and Have a nice weekend!
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