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Default Re: How do you port and polish

Originally Posted by filestyle1 View Post
hi Ghost0
why would you not use 1/4-20 studs? the stock rear mounting studs have both broken and I replaced them both with 1/4-20 S.S studs and seems to be fine now!
I'm obviously not the studly and hairsute Ghost0, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn and I play a lawyer on TV: Whilst a 1/4 is 6.35mm - so it is an upgrade from 6mm, it's pretty easy to find treated or even generic USA 6mm stud material which will do fine.

Also Ghost0 and I have found the nut threads strip out way before the studs go 90% of the time, so just getting new 6mm nuts can be an upgrade. With the jackshaft kit we don't even use studs on the rear mount any more.

Of course this is moot if you have actually pulled the threads from the block, then 1/4-20 makes sense.

Just curious - why SS? Certainly will help with corrosion, but is not stronger than treated HS steel. (But SS is plenty strong enough for the Chengine)
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