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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

I'm not particularly "defending" Bikeberry as they do seem to be slipping on customer service in particular these days - but originally they did offer a somewhat "unconditional" replacement warranty on the entire engine... which I always thought to be completely insane given the varying levels of skill and experience of your average builder. I wasn't surprised in the slightest when they recently changed it to "parts" replacement. If I were a dealer - honestly... I wouldn't cover seizures given the likelihood of a mistake on the owner's part. The exception to this would be pics of broken rings and/or a dislodged pin - which is prolly what they want.

TBH - any "warranty" at all on these elcheapo Chinese engine kits beyond say shipping damage is still really generous I figure... but if they're giving you the run-around and not replying to your queries in a timely fashion I'd say do business elsewhere.

Still - a top end rebuild is easy and cheap, prolly cost less than just the S&H for any warranty claim. I wouldn't get a whole 'nother engine "kit" in any case - even replacing "just" the entire engine is cheaper than that.

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