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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

Thank you Justin
I see you have your kit right on the day I told you that it would be there that is awsome. Your going to love it .
Now just so you all know I have been Driving my supplier nuts asking every other day when are the new kits coming in. I was promised the shipment would be in end of December then Middle January and we are past that now. I can only tell people what I have been told. I am not the man I am just the Messenger so please don't shoot me. I'm doing everything I can I will do a General post as soon as I hear they are in no one wants the shipment to show up more than I do. Here is a Quote from Don Grubee him self talking about the new 4G HS coming to America

Quote (No we have not had a chance to play with this puppy very much due to pressing other issues. (Blow By U's) supplier has some of these engines on the water right now. I think they are the only ones to have ordered any so far. It will be a learning curve to get one wired up with a small 12v bat. and rectifier/regulator and see if daytime driving will support night time lights with 7a. max charge at full rpm) End Quote.
This news came to me on Jan 16 2010 what more can I say


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