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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

Originally Posted by rbrtlndhl View Post
It would be of great help to me if somebody could vouch for positive experiences with this blowbyu company. I was just told they were getting a certain new mounting kit in any week "now." In October of 2009, Somebody was told that they were getting the same kits shipped in "any week now." I'm not bashing this seller, but I am not certain of someone who may not give accurate information. will someone help me with info related to this company?

Got my kit from blowbyu today. I'm sure he was getting the run around from his supplier when he was changing the dates like that. He is trying hard to build his reputation as a vendor. He also is a supporting member here on the forum. These are his posts below. Id worry more about shopping on ebay then a vendor off this site. here he is.
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