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Thumbs up New Engine, Clutch Problem?

Hi there.

I Just purchased a new Chinese engine (without kit), and when I took it from the box, the clutch arm is just loose, and does not spring-back, or appear to disengage the engine. It came without a manual, and the tech person in the company that I bought it from is on vacation for about another week. I cannot diassemble the motor in fear of voiding my warantee.

Does anyone know why the clutch arm is not "springy"? If I push any harder when resitance is met, the arm will surely break.

Is this a common problem? Any ideas?

My original engine has lost compression, and am in the process of rebuilding it. I'm a little disappointed, because I only got about 80 miles on it before it fried (20:1 mix). I haven't dismounted it yet from the preassembled bike that I purchased, so I haven't compared its arm action to the new engine's action.

Your motorized biking comrade,


BTW: I'm getting a Harley next year. Just learning with this bike. Isn't this stuff fun?
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