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Default Re: completed 3 wheeler project

Originally Posted by tommyboy1442 View Post
whats up there brotha,so you cant get the race carb dialed in? maybe its not supposed to idle and meant for racing at higher rpms- no just kiddin.thats interesting though cause im runnin the race carb as well although i havent fired my motor yet but soon. i wonder if i will have a similar problem.when you say it wont idle,what exactly do you mean? it idles to high or it dies out?
hey tommyboy since i posted that statment i have almost ran a tank of gas through it and it is getting alot better but at first it would rev on its own when you pulled the clutch in as you were slowing and i had to semi choke it to control it from running wild there is very little adjustment i reaqlly enjoy the handle bar choke beats my 2 wheeler its a pain feeling for that little lever to open it after it starts
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