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Default Float Stuck ???or Ice Building Up In The Carb Somehow???

I have a dellroto sha 16.16 carb and its been beautiful so far no problems untill today, as i left for work this morning mind it was -15 Celcius the bike would run very lean with the choke off i figured it was just cold mayb let it warm up and magic would happen but the only way i could get it to go so that i wouldnt b late is have the choke on then click it off and it would pick up than after about 50 yards starve for gas again, i didint have time to stop and look and figure it out as i was running late for work cuz the bike was running slower than it should be and i cant do half choke as its spring loaded its either on or off or i can hold it with my finger as i ride but that doesnt work to well, so as i came up to this curb pretty fast i cleared the front tire but the rear hit it hard and guess what magic happened the bike picked up and did its 31mph (44 tooth sprocket) and i made it to work on time, after work i though id let it warm up and it did the same thing so i picked up the bike and let it drop onto the tires and the problem went away again, im thinking its either the float getting stuck or im getting icing somewere from the water in the gas (Canadian gas is pretty sh itty), i havent gotten a chance to look at the bike its to cold out its almost -20 i was wondering if anyone has any idead perhaps agrees or dissagrees with me??? thought id do a lil brainstorming before i tackle it as i have about 10-15 min before my hands freeze with gloves
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