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Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
opti 2 sells packets, 12oz bottles, gallon jugs, 5.3 gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums.

besides that...

if i was making a trip like that, i would put all the things i learned watching the A-team and MacGyver to use.

like, what about filling up your handlebars with oil? you can buy rubber bar end plugs, pour it in, and plug 'em up.

that way you'd have, i dunno, with your apehangers, a quart? and 32oz. of opti 2 would get you pretty dang far.

you could do the same with your seat post (unless you wanna save that for hiding your passport, or contraband...)

there's dozens of places you could store/hide stuff in/on your bike.

and i agree on those ammo cans. i've got one and it's painted dried blood maroon, but everyone still recognizes it for what it is.
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