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Question Question for "Friction Drivers"

My current ride is a Schwinn Landmark with a Stanon friction drive, 33cc R/S engine, 1” drive roller, and 60 psi tires. My current top speed on level ground is 22-23 mph. I normally cruise at around 18-20 mph and I need more “torque” for the hills around here. I don’t mind reducing my top speed for more power but I don’t want to spend $40.00+ to change if the difference is negligible. Will some one who has actually made the change tell me what the results were? What happened to speed and power when you went from 1” to 7/8” or 1-1/8” to 1”?

Not related but……
Who sells 49cc HS four stroke engines? Our sponsors sell kits but I can’t find just the engine alone. Will it “bolt up” without alterations to my Stanon friction kit? Some post said the Titan would.
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