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Lookin' cool JB! The big tank with the over sized tires really gives her a funky one of a kind look. May I be so bold as to offer the suggestion of a lay back seat post? Would really set off the look she has going on.

LOL, dumb answer. Had to hold my hands up in front of me and make braking hand gesture motions to think it out. (Carol walked in while I was doing it so also made sound effects but was more motor boat sounds, snork) But ayup, rear is right and all's that is left for brakes is left.

Just a thought. Is important to keep it universal so folks don't launch them selves over your handle bars or our selves over theirs while braking. Don't ask me how I know, hehe. (but got a cool scar)

Really looking forward to seeing her finished. Purty work JB!
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