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Smile Hello from Wisconsin!

Hello, all my friends. First of all, I would like to thank this site and its creators. I have followed this web site for a year+. I am going to built a kit-based bike this year with my tax refund. I need advice on making this an affordable thing to do. I know a few specific things. I have LOTS of bikes at my home. I mean a freakin' LOT of them. Finding a frame is no problem for me. I know that I want a 4-stroke, regardless of what 2-strokers may say, and regardless to price difference. I will not mix gas for a 2 stroke.

I also know that I want to have a shifter kit. I wonder that nobody has commented on the possibility of using an 80cc dirt bike motor with a 3-speed gearbox already attached, but I'd rather have something purpose-built. My biggest limitation is that I have to accomplish this for under 400 dollars. Any comments would be appreciated.

I was thinking of starting with the 49cc pre-sale kit for $199 from gasbike (king). Will they really screw me over as bad as people here claim? Or have a few isolated incidents simply been blown out of proportion? this is important because I can pre-order right now and save a ton. Also, who has the cheapest shift kit, jack shaft as well as otherwise?

Also, I was wondering just how extensive it is to mount the above engine to a schwinn occ chopper (not the xl), as opposed to a regular v-frame.
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