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Yes.. They look good in the pictures. What does your head gasket look like? Also.. Running a new motor at such high speeds will burn it up. Mix 20:1 and keep speed under 20mph for the first 200 miles or so. Vary speed up and down. Run engine under load for 15-20 min and shut down for 10. Do this for the first 50 miles. Once you get 500 miles or so, you should be broken in. All the while checking for air leaks. An Air lead is certain death for any 2 stroke. Once you get broken in, switch over to AMSoil synthetic oil 30:1. You should last a long time if you observe these few simple rules. Oh.. Also.. There is no such thing as an 80cc out of china. This is your chance to find out, measure your bore and stroke and then do the math. You will then know that who ever sold you an 80cc motor is either unknowing or lying. Both are not good . Let me know.. Enjoy the ride..
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