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Default Re: which frame would be an ideal?

Originally Posted by caincustomcycles View Post
Bairdo! Thanks for the link to yours where I can get to take a look at it and observe. Must tell you that they are nice taste with nice composition of it really. I enjoyed look at it. I liked your springer forks,... I could not find the springer like yours. Do you creative it? Yes, Understood about the sizes of the wheel which should be a proper to use. I told myself a clear it is all matter is the rake. I agreed with you about it. The bicycle's neck is more like 30 degree. it would be fun to have at least 40 degree,...? We will see from there what we can do... The front wheel ought to be little more far out from the neck part to get it low little bit and the steer should be fine,... I do not want go back to 70's where the front frame went sort of too high and handle the large wheel. Ha! Just post my video on youtube Got to post it over the photo and video gallery. See you there! Again, Thanks...
Although bairdco's bike is awesome, he doesn't have a springer - he's got the "torsion arms" and they simply increase the forks rigidity (not 100% sure that's what they're called lol), this is his bike (click to view larger);

The only one in the Rustoration build off with a springer front would be lil old me and my '43 Rollfast, the springer wasn't original to the bike - it's a "vintage" one from some other bike (prolly frm the '50s), this is what it currently looks like;

Aftermarket springers are actually commonly available in assorted shapes/lengths/rake, but some are not as high a quality as I would be comfortable with, here's an example of an inexpensive, new springer - but I'd ask around regarding it's strength (I've not had one);

26" Springer Fork

I've heard good things about this type - but ofc it's almost three times the expense lol;

1952 Monark Dual Spring Replica Fork

I've seen quite a few people say that the springers bottom out easily and aren't "suitable" for motorized bikes, but that depends entirely on your riding style. If you plan on raking your front end - I wouldn't suggest taking jumps with it anyway lol

A good person to ask about springers & rake would prolly be Venice Motor Bikes as he seems quite fond of them heh, here's a link to his latest build;

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