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Default Re: I went Electric!

Originally Posted by Cabinfever1977 View Post
What kit did you get? 250watt 350watt 500watt
RayBen Motors - Scooters, Ebikes, Bicycles
250watt 36v 7amp/hr top speed 15mph range 15-18miles batterys need replacing after 200 recharges

350watt 36v 10amp/hr top speed 20mph range 18-21miles batterys needs replacing after 750recharges

500watt 48v 10amp/hr top speed 25mph range 21-27miles batterys need replacing after 750recharges

My gas engine kit: $185 1.95hp(1,454watts) top speed 32mph range 180mpg
I got the 500watt kitt before he changed his last 2 kits to different motors and batteries. Paid $500 for it.
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