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Default This is priceless!!!

Hey guys,

I guess it, "really", is going to be necessary to do a sprocket adapter install guide.

I don't think I have ever, in my life, seen anything so cobbled up as this!!!

The customer decided to play junior engineer and make the part fit by any means possible...there are holes drilled and tapped for pinch bolts...there is an unbelieveable amount of scarring in the bore do to various shims...and weld splatter on the back. Guys, you can't weld Aluminum to Steel!

It is important to measure your hub accurately. I can only go on the data you have given me. I'm not a magician.

If you buy a sprocket adapter and discover that it doesn't fit correctly...please...please...stop!!! If you made a mistake measuring your hub, there is a good chance that your adapter can be sized up and sold...provided it doesn't look like the adapter in the photos below. If Karen accidently sends you the wrong adapter, naturally you will be given the correct adapter...and compensated for the cost of shipping the incorrect part back to us. So far we have never sent anyone the wrong adapter. We mark them when they come out of the CNC, so that there can be no mistake.

This customer spent hours trying to modify a part that normally fits like a glove, and installs in minutes. I'm going to take care of him, because he didn't hassle me.

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