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Default Re: I went Electric!

The whole gas/ electric thing comes down to what fits your needs best. The thing most people, including me, do wrong is to jump from one thing to another without defining what we really need first.

I had a good gas bike and sold it to go electric. I agree about the vibration thing, the noise thing, the smoke thing, and the starting the bike from a stop sign going up hill thing. I don't need speed and i don't have to have range. Given anything I wanted, I would take a 40ah 36v lithium battery pack. I don't need it, i would just like the range. The weight of such a pack would be doable for sure.

Building one of my ebikes cost less than the price of a gas kit. They aren't pretty or sexy but they get the job done. My complain is range range range.... By the way the range was about the same on the hub and the friction drive i build.
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