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Default I went Electric!

So after fighting with the gas motor and it giving me all sorts of problems I removed it from my bike and I got an electric kit that goes faster then that motor went. Best of all there is no vibrations and it's really quite! The motor runs nice and very fast. I got it close to 50kph already was pretty crazy going the speed limit on teron rd.

I had to make a minor adjustment to the front brakes as the one side wanted to pull more then the other. I took some old foam I had that you put on top of a mattress.

This reduced the battery packs moving side to side and slamming down on the bike rack quite abit. Before I would feel every little crack and bump in the road. I LOVE how I can stop and go as I please with Electric motors. Gas motors don't like to be stopped and there no where near as easy to start up again as the electric. I don't see myself going back to gas. There loud and dirty and you can't always bring it places you can with electric. With the way this bike is set up I can easily put it on the bike racks on the buses.

pictures below!

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