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Default Re: new member, new build

sounds like you've got it pretty well planned out, but here's some advice.

forget about using stainless steel hardware. the cheap alloy used in these motors will cause nothing but problems. SS is notorious for seizing in aluminum, and they're brittle. you can buy grade 8 allen head socket cap bolts to replace every bolt for about 5 bucks at MacFadden Dale (mcfadden dale hardware - Google Maps).

i use a NGK B7HS plug. it's got a colder heat range, and with the mods you plan on, it might need it. a B6HS should work, too. the B5 might run too hot around here. i use a copper core, 7mm plug wire. i don't think any kind of HP plug wire really matters. some say the shielded type don't work, other's swear by it, but no one's actually come up with proof of any horsepower improvement, so it's probably just a waste of money. but definitely get something other than stock. those things are junk.

as for the boost bottle, they're pretty much just a gimmick. there's a thread around here somewhere where someone tested it out, and it's useless. a few people swear by them, but the general consensus, is, don't bother. same goes with NOS.

i use Goodyear 5/16" fuel line, available at any auto parts store.

a #41 chain is a good upgrade. the kit chains stretch and break for no reason, and they're sloppy. i bought mine at Fastenal for 17 bucks for 10'.

i just got some annodized fuel filters off the 'bay for cheap (search ebay ALUM FUEL FILTER HONDA XR50 CRF50 XR CRF 50 70 PIT BIKE) they've got a replaceable paper element and come in a bunch of colors, and it took 2 days to get to my house.

the only other advice i have for you, is remember what site you're on when talking about putting stickers on your tank...

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