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High Brad,welcome to the forum ,sorry to here about your motor, but u have 5 of these so I'm sure u know what the problem is .

I know ur gonna find this funny, but the first summer while running my first motor I was really worried about the bottom end getting enough lube so I poured 10w30 down into the bottom end through my intake port with my piston at top dead center and then rotated the crank many times to blow the oil out through the tiny vac hole.

I named it the oil bath -was very difficult to start and when it started it sure blew out a lot of smoke but after that it was okay-made me feel better.

Then this fall when I had it apart,(installing new cylinder gasket), the main bearings were exposed so I poured pure non synthetic 2 cycle oil over them and rotated the crank to work the oil in.

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