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Default Re: MB Tech Session with Water Burn-Outs

Yes, the expansion chambers are louder. There is no baffling in them at all. Yes they are louder but a two stroke needs an expansion pipe to run right. These engines come pretty choked from the factory and are in serious need of better breathing. We have opened them up all the same way.
Here is the standard list of mods:
1. Port match the intake and exhaust.
2. Performance carb. I use the CNS.
3. Deck the head properly. I decked mine .040.
4. Expansion chamber.
5. 40 tooth rear sprocket with the hub mounted sprocket adapter.
After these simple upgrades the performance increase is substantial. A much more enjoyable riding experience. Oh, all the bikes are Schwinns with custom built tanks. One of the tanks came off a moped but even that one required modification to fit. I build the in-frame tanks.

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