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Default Re: lights for your motorized bicycle?

you got it no batteries. The lights work very good to great in my own opinion. My chest is puffed out as far as it will go I'm proud of my dumpster special lighting system..My buddy and I are making a mold for the headlight and soon will be making a fiberglass housing headlight for sale in unfinished glass and maybe in finished form but its going to be more cause I hate sanding. you will need to supply the mount which almost all bikes have front reflectors and this will bolt right up to it. This is work guys so hang in there if your looking for a system that works and NO batteries needed. anyone interested? I have a video on my home page of the lights but we need to work on the quality of the video the lights work great. I'm having a problem with the mold and working on it I the we will get the bugs out of it soon but I really hate sanding and that's what I'm doing as for price I really don't know but it should not require your first born.

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