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Default Motorized Bicycle Tech Session with Water Burn-Outs

Hey guys,
We had a nice tech session on Saturday at my shop. Just a couple of the local crew and a few bikes. We have all been experimenting on ways to get better performance and what better way then to just hang out, work on the bikes, and then do some actual testing. Here we are getting started. Notice the Scooby Mobile in the backround.

Here's Itchybird (Rich) after working on his ride. We decked the head on a lathe, modified an expansion chamber to fit his bike, then he mounted up a CNS carb. Here he is with his updated Bike. I think he looks pleased with the results.

Here's a shot of Carlos' bike. This ride has custom work all over it. The longer you look the more cool stuff you find. We fired it up for the first time and it looks like it's going to be a real winner.

Here's a shot of all the bikes. My bike up front is sporting it's new expansion chamber and aluminum annodized Worksman wheels.

The last ride is a bike I am building up for my wife. This one also got a host of upgrades but we didn't get it finished up. Maybe next time.
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