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Default Re: Rag joint on 72-spoke wheels

Originally Posted by jl_sparks View Post
I'm having a very difficult time installing the rag joint on my 72-spoke wheel with a coaster brake. The brake arm is off and therefore out of the way entirely. I just can't get all 9 bolt holes to line up with a gap between the spokes at the same time. Anyone else had this problem? Maybe seeing a few pictures of a 72-spoke wheel with the rag joint installed (from the opposite side of the wheel from the sprocket) would help. This is my first build, by the way.
I'm not sure it's possible but you can purchase a sprocket and adapter from Manic Mechanic as long as the hub is not conical or tapered....and what's so cool about that product is it drives the hub...not the spokes and also only uses three bolts to fit the sprocket on the adapter and more'n enough room for the brake arm.....the site is here on the forum to the left.....

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