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So I am in the planing stage of my build. I have somewhat of a budget, I would like to keep this build around $1,000 and have a well built, good performing, and safe HT MB. I figured I would list my parts, maybe receive some input from you good folks, and suggestions of anything overlooked.

Frame: The Gurbee GT2 Bicycle frame USABikes

With HD wheels and built in tank, along with a steal frame and duel pull break leaver. I think it's a good base for a quality MB. A lil expensive but with $100 off, its a bearable cost. The tank sticker has to go, should be easy enough with a blow dryer and goo-be-gone. I have plains to paint some decals but till I can find an airbrusher and some more money to wast a few stickers will fit nicely.

Engine Kit: Gurbee Skyhawk GT5 66cc Angle Fire Slant Head Motor

Kings sells the kit for $150. I hear good things about the slant heads. I am considering the billet head from RSE. I guess if I go that rout I dont need the slant head. $100 is hard to justify for a head, but if there is a performance incress over the slant, it might be worth it to me. Any opinions for one vs the other? **I have decided to to hold off on the RSE head, I hear its really only a diff of 1.5 from the slant head**

Expansion Chamber: Sickbikes

It seems like a no-brainier, sick bike parts makes a great tuned pipe that looks pretty good. I just need to decide between black or chrome.

CNS Carburetor

Spookytooth has it for $50 and seems like it will be far better then the stock carb. I would like to use a boost bottle but I no longer have use of a machine shop. So drilling and tapping the inlet might be tough, unless the boost bottle supplied inlet would work for the CNS. Can anyone confirm?

HD Airfilterhttp:Sickbikes
I'm looking for the best airfilter I can get, max flow and good looks. I also dont want to spend a lot of time trying to fit K&N. Are there any better air filters out there that are a direct replacement?

NGK BP5HS Spark-plug and HP wires/boots

Im in So Cali, seems like this plug is well suited for our temps.

I estimate about $750 for everything listed above, not including shipping. I have another $300 or so to play with. A lighting system is not going to be factored in this build, saving that for another time. I have some high grade 6mm SS all thread and plenty of SS nuts and bolts. A shifter kit, although very cool, is not in the cards for this build. Maybe next time.

So I need a few things, some better fuel line. What is the ID/OD of the stock cheap fuel line?

I hear there is a better, slim head gasket.. Does that increase performance?

I suppose I can upgrade my drive chain. I have a 36T sprocket and 2 46T sprockets.

Ill need another fuel filter.. dont remember what I used last time, I think a VW filter.

Also, has anyone used the Brake/clutch lever? is it any good? The bike has three brakes and one duel pull lever, need to clean up the left side controls with the brake/clutch or by removing 1 brake.

So thats my build list.. please comment or suggest an alternative for anything I have mentioned.

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