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Default Re: Im confused about all the chain tensioner problems

Jim, Bill,
I agree to a point, but not every person who buys a kit is a member here, or the other place. And, its like you and I said; the information is here, lots of it but how often do you still see a post from a new guy with this: "My tensioner came loose and went into my spokes. What do I do now?" Hardly a week goes by without seeing those words or something similar. Yes, the kit suppliers provide instructions but the instructions do not stress the importance of proper sprocket/chain alignment, tensioner installation or warnings about what will happen if things aren't put together correctly. We'll never be able to help that certain segment who have little to no mechanical skills and would be unable to comprehend the significance of the instructions but I feel that a good many would benefit from having just a little clearer picture of how to achieve a successful build. I'd simply like to provide them with the information to help alleviate some of the frustration that is all too often encountered by first time builders.
I'll concede that supplying the information in the kit might not be the answer or feasible, but what is? Do we make reading certain threads mandatory prior to registration? Not a good idea. So we're left with hoping that the new comer will read? It's obvious from the questions asked here everyday that many will not take the time to read before asking a question that has been asked and answered numerous times before. No other aspect of the installation is as important, I feel, as proper drive chain installation, so if a guy has problems with his clutch cable or wiring, not a biggie, no damage or potential injury will occure, but having the rear wheel lock up at 15 to 20 mph is another story. I'll give this some thought and get back to you.

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