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Default Re: how to make a cheap layback seatpost.

Originally Posted by jbones9869 View Post
I know this reply is a little overdue... but I just came across it. At 6'2" a layback post is a must for me, and at 135lbs I don't think I'll be bending any type of steel anytime soon. I know... freakishly skinny for my height, but thats where the "bones" in jbones comes from. (A nickname that I have always hated, but have grown to accept)! P.s. - my favorite one-sitting meals... A whole frozen pizza... or ten crunchy tacos from the bell... or two whoppers with cheese and large fries. What can I say? It goes right to... (oops... I mean right past)... my thighs...
Hmmm... sounds like you're revin' high. Carb is definitely lean in spite of a rich mix of fuel. I have the opposite problem. Seems like I bog down some even with a leaner mix. Go figure.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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