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Default Re: New to Motorized Bicycle World

Originally Posted by caincustomcycles View Post
Silverbear, Nice to meet you. Hobby meant cost might be costly. Ha! I am thinking about getting two that way someone who can ride along with me so I can also sell it to see if people would buy my design. I will see what people has to say about my bike and hoped I can get to sell some that way I can finish my harley custom. Ha! Looked like I will be stuck with motorized bicycle forever because I can use it as my hobby where I can work on everyday compare to expensive hobby like harley. After I am done with my custom bike and will never build harley again. Motorized Bicycle is something that I can make some more and more,... What do you think? By the way, I have been research which frame should I buy,... Fun to study!
Ye sit is fun to bike shop, that is why it's nice to build more than one style. Like silverbear said it's nice to have one for a buddy to ride along with you, and yes while one is down, being worked on, it's nice to have a spare. It, would be cool if people in my area pick up on the whole motorized bicycle hobby, and buy bikes from, me. That is kinda another reason i am building diff. styles. So people can get more of an idea of what they want. As for it being hard and expensive to mount up a beach cruiser. no not really. All I did on my cruiser was added longer mounting bolts to the front, and added an extra mount. If you search you will find some other people on here. I ended up not liking the look of the mount, cause I'm a perfectionist, so I ordered a motor mount from jim at manic mechanic, on the left side<--------- Only 30m some bucks shipped. Which I gotta say, if funds are limited, instead of spreading out the money on multiple bike at first, I suggest putting it all into one bike, and get good parts from jim to do it right. Heres. the deal with the stock sprocket and rag joint. It is a pain in the arse to install in the first place, cause it is two rubber dongnuts clamped to the spokes. It's hard to get it perfectly alinged, and if you do it pulls on your spokes vs. the hub like the hub adapter. The hub adap, is made to custom fit your hub perfectly. It mounts up alot easier, and faster, and is perdectly straight. I had alot of chain problems before i got MM parts, now my bike feels so much more solid. I have a new wheel, and hub adapter, I'm thinking on making a video on it, since there really isn't any out there.
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