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Default Re: Narrow sprocket and chain- Not recommended here

It actually came off on both ends, so I'm not quite sure what happened. The lightweight minimal sprocket also got a little bent, but I think that was from the chain.

I might play with the sprocket some more, but it may be too flimsy- its a 34 I got on ebey and bored and drilled, but now the arms may be compromised after bending. I may just put the nice offset 41 the kit came with first to see where the motor is with it- it's just a slant 49- so I'm wondering if it will pull the gear.

iIm a little dissilusioned with the Traveler build- the tank barely has enough room to clear the stem and bars, so I'm plating with that- further back and it's in peddling way

The chainstay clearances ARE tight, and that was one reason I went narrow.

My cruiser now has one 27 inch wheel on the front and I thought I might eventually put one on the back- now I may have to use that wheel on this build. But I think a cruiser frame with the larger wheels may be what I'm looking for- a street machine that gets as much roll for the motor as it can-

I think the longer wheelbase on the cruiser may be better than the ten speed, and the tank fits better.
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