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Default Re: which frame would be an ideal?

Maxvision and bairdo, "V" frame would be an ideal as for now because of ridley's and JIM's real expensive. Beach cruiser would be cool looks but the front tube part would be hassle and the rear looked so curve like a dog is scare that got tail under,... but Electra bike's rear is straight and stretch,... One day, I will try unless I have enough money. I think I should get two frames for now to compare between them. The one would be 24" and one would be 26" that way I can get to see the two different and which one would be perfectly. I am working on find 24 and 26 now,... Now, I will make a post about the wheel. Can I use rear 24" and use 26" front maybe 27" maybe 28"? I would like to see it as low and dig like old school bike, rear is 15 or 16 and front would be 19 or 21,... Front wheel should be large and thin tire and the rear wheel thick such as 2.1 size. What do you think? see you over the post about the an idea of right size wheel for the low custom like an easy rider,...? Thanks again!
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