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Default Re: Narrow sprocket and chain- Not recommended here

Some people who run 410' chains have made reports to have thousands of miles on them with no problems. I'm not arguing the point. The chain will stretch the most when it is brand new. Once stretched a final adjustment can be made to last some time. Proper alignment between the front and rear sprocket is essential to how your bike rides and your chain acts. I believe the 410 chain is great for the 48cc engine kits. They are Quieter and lighter for sure.

The Grubee Kit in particular made the switch from the 415 to the 410 chain when the national supplier source changed from spooky to nationwide. I have the kits from both suppliers and spooks kit always had the 415 chains. I'm sure the only reason for the change was to save money on nationwides large orders. There are surely no extra benefits with a 410 chain on your motor side other then tire clearance.

Smaller chains + smaller sprockets = less money. Multiply that by 1600 kits a month. Thats the only reason you now see the kits being offered with the #410 bike chains...
They did used to say "upgraded #415 HD Chain"

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