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Default Re: word!!! from chicago....

tommyb: that's the whole point of a builders club,help a brother out right. I fell hard for my china gal and put 800mls on it the first summer. johny is like my shopteacher/stepfather/guru and after you listen to a few storys , you can build some cool stuff over there.thats what this sport/hobby needs along with this forum is a club to go to get advice on things you can't realy learn on the net. and who dosen't want guy's to ride with...
pdubs: as far as cus/manifold I've only altered a stock one so far, we looked at turning one .the trouble is realy waste as alum/dowel that dia is $$$. I have one bro who can spin his jug around ,so i plan on making two parts and have johny tig it . then we gona have us a good old fashion port polish party! after all winter is the time to monkey w/reed valves and trim piston skirt's right.
once we give johny a few more pointers on how to post ,well get him on here and you'll find he's a great resorce
buttons and I are working out the details for spring rally ,will post invite soon
eldo: post pics of 3 wheeler when you can ,It took me a while to find the right software to resize the files to fit forum spec's but it is doable. I've got a spare motor just waiting for 3 wheel frame ,belive it or not ,as a bike for my mom(she's 72) how cool is that gona be... ltr jmjb
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