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Talking Re: most compact folding motorised bicycle?

Thanks for the comments. it certainly is not the first time she's been called different. But i sure thats what they thought of planes etc when they first arrived

The engine is RS Eh035 but i can fit any engine with that size clutch eg tanaka ect ( i think, correct me if im wrong)

Bike is the mightly brompton, the benchmark for folding bikes specifically in the catoagory of folding compactness.

The motor is geared accordingly to wheel which is 16" through a three speed hub (which gives you an idea just how compact it is)

In regards to legislation in wales...umm " sorry i dont know mr officer" .

the bike is for touring, i live need the coast and in the countryside so its good to see it all while im here.

thanks fairracing

spitfir that is just one reason, others could be to use on multimode transport, taking them into work and put under desk, some just think they are cool and some like me believe them to be more practical for touring e.g. hitch a ride, taking in hotel etc

personally i cant under stand choppers but each to there own


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