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Default New to Motorized Bicycle World

Hello, My name is Jerome Cain, Deaf that using American Sign Language so please bearing with my writing in my second language, english. Eventually I know several languages around the world. Anyway, I just typed on an internet search for motor engine, harley davidson for my custom bike. That is when I spotted "Motorized Bicycle" I asked myself what is motorized bicycle? So, I checked that is how I found this site of the forum where I can get to learn about motorized bicycle. First of all, I am very curious about motor itself as I understood it came from china. I understand about the 50 and 80cc. But my questions are when did it came in the America? How did it started? Any history about it? How long have people around started to build off their bike with motorized? gas and oil, sure lots of vibrate so for the loud thing. It would be bless if someone would help me to understand the period of time being about motorized bicycle itself. I kept myself open minded to it and see if I can get to build one for myself. Of course, will post the picture if I get to start the frame,... Guess I will go for the right place where I can post to ask which frame would be nice to go on with the motorized,... Thanks people! What should I call you people of motorized bicycle culture? (haha!)
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