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Originally Posted by UncleKudzu View Post
ackkk! stop it, you're scaring me! i'm not really much of a mechanic and now i've invested my hard-gotten into this crazy motorized bike idea.
Scary thing is...i AM professional car mechanic, and the 40-odd carb adjustments trying to merely get the mixture dialed in, much less the multiple string of mechanical issues....I'm, triple guessing this whole thing.

Originally Posted by Easy Rider View Post
Usually on my old bike the connectors would disconnect the wires and I would have any spark. I wasn't sure what you meant by killing the kill switch but did you check with an ohm meter to see if the switch isn't grounding out? If that fails, I think its time for a new plug and coil.
"killed the kill switch" meaning on the side of the highway I pulled apart all the wiring and bypassed the kill switch by biting off the insuluation and tightly twisting and taping the mag/coil wires together, ensuring no oil or goop or grounds jumping the circuits, and physically touching the spark output terminal without getting shocked.

I have a large box filled with known good Ford Lincoln Mercury parts that I've purchased and scrounged for, and daily use for diagnosis. However, I have no such parts for motorbikes, such as trying out a new CDI which I can't even locae online... and thus have to rely on actual testing.... Such as the actual output of the mag. If I had specific reading to look for, I could condemn one part versus another.

Maybe this is payback for the times when I've had a customer's car that defied all logic, and I have say that I'm literally guessing at a cause and that the customer is going to have to pay for the process of elimination?

I've been suddenly accustomed to the public transit sytem. It's kind of nice, despite the three mile from home, one mile from work distance. But my infinitely lighter pedal bike on the bus's bike rack after waiting 45 minutes to arrive, is better than the HOPE of motoring all the way.

Back to topic, mulimeter reading for no spark? Does the Magneto send out a somewhat high positive voltage that the CDI stores/amplifies/disperses?
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