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Default Re: Different Style Tanks?

Originally Posted by perichbrothers View Post

First off, EPOXY ONLY, vinylester or polyester resin will disintegrate styrofoam...

The first steps in the fiberglassing is called a "hot-coat",
where the styrofoam is coated in epoxy resin, sealing it up, using no actual fiberglass.
Just continually sand and coat it until it is smoother and smoother. (with no fg cloth)
At this point it would be a good step to add your nuts WITH BOLTS for your frame clamps.
(dig into the styrofoam before so there's a little sealed divot)
than they can be flush during the actual fiberglass cloth layup.

As to the styrofoam,
white styrofoam I know works and dissolves cleanly.
Practice on other types of styrofoam with the acetone to how it reacts.
Surfboards use the "bigballed" styrofoam not really anything too special.

On something small, 5-min epoxy used in little dabs should be fine.
Hot glue gun or contact cement might work,
but the least amount possible as it mightr melt into the tank and be hard to clean out.

I've actually never made a gas tank but have made a number of oil tanks and other random hollow bulbs,
and never thought of pictures.
but i know it works, just is kind of a dirty job, lotsa sanding ya know.

I'm in the process of making a fg tank right now, but its not the same method,
it might work out easier for some.
It'll be posted soon.

White Styrofoam it is. It also has the benefit of being cheap and commonly available. As you say, it could be done with packing materials if a way is found to easily glue chunks together to make a block. This sounds like a good method for an oddball tank on a less common bike where no commercial version is available or for someone like me who likes to experiment with making my own things partly out of economic necessity and partly just for the joy of making. Your other tank in progress will be interesting to hear about and pictures will be stared at by many more than just me. Thanks again.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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