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Don't give up yet. Take a break from your kit. Put it up for two weeks and come back to it after a rest. Get a little project done in between.

Now to test your mageneto. When I first has my kit together I did not know if I was getting spark. So what I did was take the plug out and rest it on the top of the motor. Then I took the cover off the mageneto and put the correct size socket on the shaft and spun it with my cordless drill. Even at a nice slow speed and I was getting lots of sparks. Then I knew the Magneto, CDI, wire, cap and plug were good.

What do you cary as tools when you go on a ride? Even on my first rides around the neigherbhood I tool a flat scewdrive, small needle nose pliers, two niterl gloves and a big ziplock bag taped to my back rack. This way I could pull the drive chain out if my motor died on me, or if I was having too much trouble with my motor's chain alignement. Then peddle it home with 7 speeds.

I am up in the East Bay and come down to Santa Cruz everyonce in a while for a construction project to UCSC. If you are still haveing problems, let me know. I would be happy to come work on it with you. Not that I know a whole lot, I only just finished mine. And if the motot does not work out for you, I would trade you somethign you would enjoy; beers, spirits, etc.

Good luck and let us know.
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