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Default Fed Up!!!

Sorry to rant, but I've been battling problem after problem with this motorbike project, having left me stranded five times so far, ranging from two to 13 miles away... The final straw was this last stranding, 13 miles from home, on a now very heavy bike with much chain friction...and of course, all uphill home, because I suddenly lost spark. I know because I stuck a screwdriver into the plug wire and grabbed it with my bare hands while the engine was spinning. Five strandings in a row merely trying to get to work and back (20 miles each way) just plain bites.

So I've "killed" the kill switch, checked the magneto solder joints, made sure the "white wire" nor any others were grounded out. Connections all redone...still no spark. Only thing I haven't done, which I just thought of, is to see if magneto actually spins with motor turning.

If I were to use a multi-meter on the magneto outputs, what should
I see? High voltage DC? or AC? Low votage? Anybody want my whole kit I'm about to remove for good and never return to motorbiking?
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