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Default New Guy Here try again

Hey I guess you cant post a link for a while. I am from Ma. I am building a tadpole trike based on Atomic Zombies Warrior plans. I have finished most of My parts procurment,and I am now looking for Power. My build; like I said it is based on plans from Atomis Zombie I am modifying a bit I spoked a 15 x 10 wheel shell for the rear tire which came in the mail yesterday a Hoosier 27x10x15 drag slick (actual size is 25x12x15) I have a couple his/her 70s chopper seats from e-bay Im going to use one of those (for me and the little girl to go on ice cream runs,and me and the missus to go on the occasional cruise) Waiting on some hubs to come from taiwan for the fronts which will be 20 inch with disc brakes wrapped with pirelli moped tires.I live in Ma which requires all motorized bikes to be registered and under 50 cc so I will be going with a 49cc. I am probabally getting it from Spooky Tooth, they can port and polish it.go with a performance carband a poo poo muffler. I have been reading the performance threads on this site and will impliment as many as I can. I will be using a jackshaft due to the fat rear tire so I have some gearing questions. I have some hills to contend with in My area but I still would like some speed what gears would be a good combonation for tourque and speed. Motor gear,jackshaft , left drive sprocket ?Well thats what I got mostly a closet full of parts waiting for a little warmer weather.
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