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Hey guys, finally built my first kit bike from a Trek 850 Mountain Track. I ended up buying the black Power Kings 80cc special off Ebay for $119.00. I have to admit for that price I was very skeptical what I would get! But since it was pretty cheap I figured I didn't have much to lose buy trying.

The kit arrived in a week or so. I've heard others say how bad the Chinese-made manuals were, but I have to say that mine was pretty good. Everything was packed well and new, and the whole thing only took 3.5 hours to put together. The hardest part was getting the sprocket mounted straight on the outside of the wheel hub. I had no idea how primitive that design was, but it does seem to work OK.

The only post-build issues I had were with the chain (the tensioner was missing a washer) and didn't align just right. Also, the kill switch was short circuited. I took the switch apart and seperated the wires which had been crushed a little too tight in the switch compartment. It worked fine after that. Also, the crappy 2 foot tall Chinese spark plug they sent didn't allow me enough clearance with the top bar of the frame, so I bought a lower profile Champion CJ7Y and everything fit.

The engine started RIGHT up, and off I went. I've got about 25-30 miles on the bike right now and it runs very well. My only chief complaint with the thing is how LOUD it is. I mean you can hear me coming and going a mile away! Has anyone come up with an after market exhaust mod to quiet the thing down??

Other than that, thanks Power Kings!

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