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Default Re: Just Plain Oil

I think they were originally designed around plain old 30w motor oil...that being said, I would not use that unless it were necessary. My only advice on the oil is to use one ratio so you can dial in the carb, but I highly doubt changing from synthetic to regular would do any harm. In cars, there was a concern about switching to synthetic after 100,000 miles of regular oil because of potential leaks which had been sealed off by shmutz, and there used to be an issue with break in with synthetic, but I'm thinking that both issues are no longer considered concerns.

On these bikes, I can not see how changing back and forth would be a problem...that being said, might as well find one thing and stick with it. With the dicey quality of oil you may get, I'd break it in with more oil, and keep it with more oil than most people do. Maybe a break in of 20:1 and keep it at 24:1...but that's just a thought.

One thing I know I would do is paint the ammo boxes in some way where they don't look immediately like ammo boxes...being perceived as armed may not be the best idea.

Sounds like an adventure- keep us updated!
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