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Default Re: How do you port and polish

I'm no expert, but I can tell you the initial stages are pretty darn easy - it doesn't even require cutting on the head:

1) Match exhaust port to "exhaust manifold" and gasket. Ideally this should be a header pipe for an expansion chamber pipe, but the stock pipe will benefit as well. The actual engine port is much larger than the exhaust header pipe flange (exhaust manifold) - put the factory gasket on alone and see what I mean. First make a gasket out of Mr. Gasket HD gasket exhaust gasket material (do it with heavy card stock first to practice). This will be your template. Now match this up to the header pipe and mark the metal you need to remove with a Sharpie. Using a Dremel tool and small size 80 grit drum start grinding, you'll need 3 or 4 drums. When the metal is gone you have achieved a perfect transition. Switch to a 120 grit drum and make it really smooth. It's actually a bit easier with the pipe kits because you can install the little header and feel inside with your pinkie. If you feel a step, take more material off. Make it baby but smooth when you are done.

2) Repeat the basic step above for the intake tube manifold, plus grind all the weld lumps out at the inside upper end bend and where the flange is welded to the tube. This one you can make a gasket from regular gasket material and I smear blue RTV on both sides for a good seal on the final install.

3) Make sure you do the sanding/grinding well away from your work area and clean the parts really well be bolting them on.

I'm sure I forgot some things but the other guys will jump in……it's really quite easy.
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