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Default Re: How do you port and polish

Porting and polishing loosely refers to ensuring that your exhaust port, exhaust gasket and exhaust manifold all are of the correct shape and size and are very smooth. Here is a quick how to. Take your exhaust gasket and place it up to your exhaust port on your cylinder. Do they match? Probably not. Take a dremel tool or knife and make the exhaust gasket match the exhaust port. Now that your exhaust gasket matches the port. Use it as a template to start machining the exhaust header on your pipe to match the gasket. Once that is done you have now ported your exhaust. Now you can polish the exhaust manifold and exhaust port to make them very smooth. You can repeat the process for the intake but skip the polishing part. Intakes work better when they are slightly rough, it helps atomize the fuel air mixture. Hope this helps.
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