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Hi, I'm from Vancouver Island
I have been riding bikes since I was 6, motorcycles since I was 13, and power assisted bikes for the past 14 years.
My pa's were mostly all swb recumbents. 500 w electric then gx31 through the gears, then 1400w hub motor, now Tribrid !
Tribrid: 3 sources of power, one which is renewable (food for the pedals)
The Tribrid bike:
front wheel drive short wheelbase recumbent in which rear wheel comes off and a wheelchair for the passenger is added to make a trike or a box is added to make a work trike. The 4th option is a GX35 engine adaption that also comes off in 30 seconds. The motor goes through a scooter 5:1 gearbox and another 3:1 chain reduction to a freewheel on the 20" rear wheel. The front 1400w hub motor bgets the bike up to 35 to 40 km/hr where the motor takes over. I also use the electric and or pedals to assist on steep hills. Its a blast accelerating faster than the cars when I use all three. It revs about 7000 at 53 km/hr on the flat , and easily goes 60 on the down grades (about 8000rpm). The motor starts charging the battery, visible with an Cycle Analyst computer, at 53 to 55 km/hr. Ebrake slows it down . Ive seen it goes as high as 1800watts...the poor batteries !
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