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Default Re: How my kit came (via FedEx ground)

I got the kit via eBay from BoysGoFast. The shipping was from Southern Cal. Took about 4-5 days and the main box looked fine, interior box looked brand new, the 3 interior boxes were as seen in the photo, 2 were pushed down a tad but I don't think that affected packaging.

The tank had bubble wrap around it and when I pulled it out of the bubble wrap it had a couple of scratches on it. I think the scratches must have happened in the factory as the tank was wrapped and could not have been scratched with the other items in the box. If I was planning on using the tank I would be a little miffed but the paint job is not to my standards (I airbrush & paint so a I know a decent paint job when I see it) and it's what I'd expect for a kit.

The engine was all wrapped in plastic as you can see by the photo and it did come with some scuffs on one side, it's not that big a deal to me as it's going on my mtn bike and will get somewhat scratched I'm sure but nothing a little touch up paint will cure. Everything in the box with the engine seemed to be either in a plastic bag or be something that couldn't scuff the paint so I go along with my previous statement that it must have been scuffed at the factory before being put in the plastic bag & box. The paint job is not perfect up close but if you use the 5' rule it's just fine.

Like I said earlier, I think the "value" is very good. Quality seems very good and at a reasonable price. Any other questions - fire away.

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