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Default Re: word!!! from chicago....

whats happenin shop dogs,pleasure to talk with definetly down for some cruisin/ chillin.currently buildin,but hopin to be done by march.times are tough.bikes are my life though. i would like to get a shop goin here in chicago,gonna try renting a garage and start buildin some kool bikes for the public and get our motorbike community growin. i'd also like to start makin some kustom parts as well if i can get my hands on a mill/lathe machine. we definetly need some kustom reliable parts for these horrible,but beautiful chinese time goes on and i build some more bikes,id like to organize a meet sometime this far there are four of us here in chicago and we are gonna spread the soon as i get my ride done and a little civilized weather comes around,i can already envision the smokey trails and scents of hardcore motor bikers takin the our group grows i will try to organize a cool meet for us,somethin like a designated meet spot,where i can bring food and tunes for us while we hang around and scope each others builds,and then head out for a mapped cruise. before you know it there will be motorized bicycle gangs dukin it out as we fly across the sandy beaches at 30 mph while elbowing each other-lol....
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