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Default Re: new member from Oklahoma

Thanks for the good news! Ha! Ha! The kit was complete but he would not respond to my questions. From what I gather on this forum, dax is the one to order parts from.
The clutch lever is junk.
The gas tank cap leaks.
The chain is soft metal and streches easly.
The tensioner is junk.
Having said that, the engine was installed on a point beach crusier from Wal-Mart. I made a custom front mount and rubber mounted the engine, The engine runs well and here are the mods so far.
I took a 10 inch piece of cloth rolled it up and tied it around the gas cap. The cloth absorbs any leaking fuel.
I intend to replace the clutch lever with one dax sells with a push button.
In the future, I will replace the chain with a #41 from Tractor Supply.
I ordered a spring loaded chain tensioner from Tractor Supply.
Two questions:1. Is the engine suppose to idle? Mine does not, it runs well but will not idle. 2. I saw a photo of a bike frame on this forum that has a suspension front and rear. I would like to build a bike like that one and where could I buy one. And where could I purchase disk brakes for it.
Thanks for the welcome and information.
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